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Throughout my practice as a designer and visual artist, my initiatives fully allow me to embrace unconventional research, fieldwork, and ideation strategies. Understanding people and the systems they inhabit are essential to expanding our agency into a more sustainable, imaginative, and nuanced community. 

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Systems Engineering and Design Thinking Strategies

Learned from the mentorship of Cornell University Professor and Architect Sirietta Simoncini, I always enter a project ready to conduct empathy fieldwork (immersion, observation, engagement), defining and modeling systems, ideation, prototyping, and responsive testing. A critical eye for SYSTEMS over products is indispensable to my work. 


Public Infrastructure

From revitalizing transportation infrastructure and working with city engineers and contractors to designing interior lighting mechanisms focusing on disassembly for sustainability- I choose projects prioritizing public good. 

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COVID-19 shifted the landscape forever on how institutions (museums and universities) operate within a digital space. Creating tools for arts education has opened up opportunities for me to rethink how artistic content is consumed and how application can disrupt traditional instruction.



Fostering community and bringing people together through editorial work is a commitment that has led to new and exciting methods of communicating complex content across print and digital as a designer and visual artist. 

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